BB Cafe, İstanbul.

25 m²
Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Turkey

Located in Beşiktaş, İstanbul in a total 25 sqm area, The BB cafe is a tiny cafe that serves traditional pastries. When the design project started, the BB cafe was open and kept serving because the entrepreneur and founder of the cafe would like to see if the traditional pastry will enjoy by customers. Focusing first on the product and then on the design of the cafe brought some advantages and disadvantages at the same time. On the one hand, the founder was able to get fast feedback. Clearly, they really liked the product. On the other hand, the more the pastries like the more circulation of the cafe has increased. That means the customers would like to see a designed, elaborated environment as much as the product. At this point, the founder got in contact with us and the design story has begun.

DESIGN PHASE 1: get to know the brand and the productThis step is the most crucial step of the design process because there are tons of ideas, hopes, design styles, wishes, dreams, budget issues etc. on the table. The most special ones are the dreams of the clients and the newborn brand identity. Comprehensively talking and understanding the images in the client’s mind take us to the next step.

DESIGN PHASE 2: The design process start with research, sketches, models, and mood boards at the same time.  For the BB-Cafe there were the following design issues needed to solve:
-interior environments didn’t seem as an extension of the brand identity-circulation of the employees didn’t work well-customers had to get served in front of the restroom-wrong lighting style dominated the space-there was not enough storage space-The kitchen could not work well because the mechanical infrastructure of the kitchen was not solved.
Concerning fundamental needs at first, we have solved mechanical and electrical infrastructure. That has given us a fully equipped open kitchen that meets the daylight and presents the customers with a showcase of pastries.Then we focused on the main flows: Employee flows, customer flows, and pastry flow.We made a special effort to ensure that these three flows do not intersect as much as possible, and we eased the circulation by choosing flexible, small furniture.Hiding the restroom, adding extra storage, and designing efficient and warm lighting concept have changed the ambiance of the cafe totally, and given a cozy environment to their customers.

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