INSIDER NOTES: Cafe Design for Small Spaces

There are tons of styles and ways of designing a cafe for small spaces but today’s post is behind that: mini issues you will face while you design a cafe for a small space: 

Case in topic 1: Storage issues

You need to handle the management of the storage and design extra spaces for stocked daily drinks, products, kitchenware, cleaning types of equipment, etc. In addition, your plan layout should include a changing cubicle for employees. 

Such needs will make the already small space even smaller, but you can overcome them with smart planning. At this stage, flexible planning, designing shelves to create storage space on the walls, and renting extra space outside the cafe if necessary will facilitate the design.

Case in topic 2: Furniture selecting

The other point is to avoid furniture that takes up too much space. Furniture selected for small cafe areas should be easily transportable, light, and easily storable. Do not forget: The more small furniture takes place in the space, the more efficient circulation you will get during the service of the products.

Case in topic 3: Graphic works

Here is the best part of it: graphic design. From fonts to patterns all graphic touches in the space are a crucial mark of your brand. If your brand has a clear identity and style it will be easier to apply it to the space but if you are a newborn brand then it will be great to make some design work on brand identity first.

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